Time for Relaxation

Couples have often found they are tense around each other for many different reasons, so time apart when they have been with each other for a while can be a good thing. They might be anxious because they are unsure how the relationship will progress, or they might not be quite comfortable with the family and friends of their partner. Time for relaxation together is important, but being away from each other can give them a better perspective on whether or not the relationship is worth continuing. For those who decide it should end, getting back into their social life may be more difficult than they imagined.

Love or not

When couples first begin dating, they may feel wildly attracted to each other. Being without the other person might seem unimaginable, and they are almost ready to make a lifetime commitment. This will fade as they get used to each other. It might just be an adjustment to their dating situation, but it could also signal the end of their relationship. Those unwilling to break it off cleanly might find they are causing anxiety in their partner, or they could find everything in their life is suddenly upsetting. They are avoiding the necessary evil of making a good decision, but they might also still have deep feelings for the other person.

Conquering loneliness

One of the reasons many people would rather stay in an unfit relationship than move on is because they fear being lonely. They see it as a time for being rejected by society, but it might be a good time for them to discover what they really want from a relationship. Those who believed they wanted a permanent partner for life might find they prefer a series of fuck buddies to stave off a physical itch, and they can find them easily on Shag Local. The ones who thought a casual relationship would suit them fine might suddenly discover they want something more from their partner.

Looking for more

Breaking up with a partner of even a few weeks can be difficult, but it is best to do it soon to avoid even more heartache. For those who are looking for more in a relationship, dropping a person with no intentions of staying around is best for them. If both partners agreed to this arrangement at first, many people are unwilling to make changes. Those who can bend with the tides of emotion are the ones worth keeping.

Finding the right partner for even a short relationship can be difficult, but there are those uninterested in any emotional ties at all. They serve a purpose when a person needs their own space to decide what they really need from a partner, and they should be appreciated for that reason. Finding true and binding love in a person who is compatible is difficult, but they can be well worth the wait if the reward is a lifetime of love. For those who have not yet been found, getting out and socializing will help them find the one but in the meantime, if physical attention is what they need then hooking up with a fuck buddy is an option.